Launch and Promote your Mobile App | How To Create iPhone & Android Apps without Coding

Build it and they will come” is reserved for Hollywood fairytales.

Launch And Promote Your Mobile App!

Having A Great App Idea Isn’t Enough
Your app should provide real value for a specific group of people. Ideally, before building your app you would have validated your app idea by doing market research and by identifying your target audience to determine demand.

Develop A Marketing Strategy
Your marketing campaign can include paid advertising, press releases, youtube videos, in app incentives, and promotion through email and social media just to name a few.

Here are some tactics you can use for your launch

  1. If you have a email list or established social marketing channels, use them to announce your release and to provide regular updates.
  2. Publish Youtube demonstration videos to drive awareness of your new app and to secure a good ranking in the Google search results.
  3. Run App Store ads or Google Adwords to drive app installs.
  4. Press releases if your app is newsworthy and aligns with current trends
  5. Offer an incentive within your app for people to subscribe, like and share your app so that you can build a following.

After My App Is Released, Then What?
An app is never done. Have the mindset of continuous improvement and work towards it based upon the feedback you receive from your customers. 

If the overall feedback is positive that’s great!
Scour through the app reviews and comments to look for opportunities to make it even better. 

If there’s negative feedback, find out why and fix it as soon as possible.

After you’ve gone through the entire app creation process, maintaining it and adding new features will be a breeze in comparison.

If you’d like to learn step-by-step how to create an app check out our App Idea To Reality Online Course.

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