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Testing Your App For Success

Now that the development is underway and you’re happy with the UI and the overall user experience you’ll need to…

Test Your App For Success
Now that the user interface works as intended the developer will start building the core functionality.

As he/she does you’ll want to have them send you a build – the latest version of the code – for testing each week or at regular intervals. This will allow you to do quality assurance testing (QA) and provide detailed feedback and to make adjustments as needed during the development phase.

You can also have friends and family that are potential users of the app test it for you too. Collectively, their feedback will reveal things that you haven’t considered.

This process will help you discover any critical issues that need to be resolved before you can submit it to Google Play or the App Store.

Avoid Scope Creep!
As you and others test the app you will no doubt come up with new ideas that you hadn’t thought of before or features that could be added that you think will improve it.

As tempting as it may be, try not to add them to the list of tasks that your developer is working on. Why?

Scope creep can wildly spin your project out of control, bust your budget and exponentially increase the time it takes to get your app to market!

Instead, when these new ideas surface, capture them for the next phase.

It’s better to release the minimum viable product (MVP) that you originally designed and get feedback from actual users before spending more time and money implementing the new ideas.

After you’ve tested your app and successfully worked out all of the issues, it is time to submit it to Google Play or the App Store!

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