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How To Protect Your App Idea

Protecting Your Idea
When hiring a developer you may want to use an Non-Disclosure Agreement (often called an NDA).

What is a NDA?
By definition, an NDA agreement is a simple contract compelling two parties to keep certain pieces of shared information confidential and private.

What is Intellectual Property?
Laws have long recognized that ideas are “property”. This property is often termed “Intellectual Property” and it is entitled to legal protection.

Using an NDA that has an Intellectual Property clause is a very common practice that can help protect your idea.

How To Get One To Protect Your Idea
You can do a Google search for “sample NDA contracts” to see what’s available and how they are constructed. You can also purchase customized NDAs online for a modest fee.

Most online freelance marketplaces make available a standard NDA form that you can download and use for free.

If you feel that you need more protection for your idea you should consult a lawyer to create an NDA for your specific needs.

After you have your NDA in place you can proceed with hiring a developer.

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